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Roof Cleaning

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Roof painting has gained huge popularity recently in the battle against roof damage. Many roof repairers have adopted painting as an efficient way of maintaining and repairing minor roof damages. If a metal roof needs repair then a good choice is to have a topcoat painted over any repairs to offer better protection from the elements.


You can choose from an extensive color range with expert advice on hand to help you select the best paint to protect and enhance your roofing surface.

First, the excellent preparation of the surface to be painted must be carried out. This is a key step to protect your roof from future corrosion.

Whether it is a galvanized steel roof, aluminum, metal, or a cedar shingle roof, we have the specialized painters and equipment so that your projects are implemented and realized perfectly.


Our company also makes the preparation of the roofs before the application of the painting. Sandblasting and pickling of the galvanized (or metal) sheet is a very important step. The application of a primer is sometimes necessary depending on the type of paint used.

Our team can turn a faded, worn-out roof into one that looks as good or better than a brand new roof. Whether it’s a residential roof, commercial roof, or body corporate. We follow a certain step process to ensure only the best finish for your roof, so you can feel safe in the knowledge the job was done right.

Our company provides each of its employees with climbing equipment to ensure their safety and do the work according to the rules of the art.